Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Hampshire to Vote on Marriage Equality Tomorrow

Last week, New Hampshire's Senate Judiciary Committee voted to reject marriage equality bill HB436 3-2.

Tomorrow, the bill will hit the senate floor for a full vote. According to Blue Hampshire, it's not looking too good. The image below is the Senate Whip Count provided by Blue Hampshire:

According to Reuters, it will only take 13 nea votes to kill the bill, and Senate Minority Leader Peter Bragdon said he expects all 10 Republican senators to oppose it with Democrat support mixed.

Contact information for the senators can be found here. If you live in New Hampshire, urge your senator to vote for the bill.

Also, Blue Hampshire reports that Sen. Gilmour said she is in favor of marriage equality, but still had to read through e-mails from the voters in her towns before making a final decision.

"I think there is some very strong support for equality in marriage", Gilmour said. "Many of us see this as a civil rights issue."

Contact: Senator Gilmour: 271-3569, e-mail: Gilmour@leg.state.nh.us (add your home address to show you live in the state)

But on the brighter side, a poll released today by New Hampshire Freedom to Marry shows that a majority of New Hampshire voters support marriage for gays and lesbians. 55% were in support while 39% were opposed. 491 voters were polled from April 13-22.
New Hampshire has a live and let live attitude. These strong numbers in support of marriage equality are not surprising. A majority of New Hampshire voters have supported marriage equality since polling on the subject began in 2003. We hope that New Hampshire can soon join our neighbors in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont, and enact marriage equality," said Mo Baxley, Executive Director of New Hampshire Freedom To Marry.
Stay tuned for NH Senate vote tomorrow!

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