Monday, April 27, 2009

UPDATE: Opponents of Marriage Equality Holding Protest in Washington DC Tuesday

UPDATE: Read how this protest has become an utter failure at!

Lots of progress in the Washington DC neighborhood has been made for marriage equality, including the District's potential recognition of same-sex marriages made in states where such unions are legal, but our joy pisses off equality opponents.

The anti-gay groups The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) and Stand 4 Marriage are hosting a rally this Tuesday in the nation's capital. The image in the upper left is NOM's graphic for the protest. Notice how they put quotation marks around marriage to imply that even if same-sex couples get recognition, it will never be marriage.

Fearing this progress in DC is a backdoor way to getting federal recognition for same-sex couples, these groups have taken to spreading lies in order to keep progress from being made. Watch this video and see.

With the recent revelation that pioneer Master and Johnson's gay conversion therapy was a fraud, video host Nima is desperate to find something to disparage same-sex marriage.

He says, "Same sex marriage will inevitably prove harmful to children. That's because kids do better emotionally, relationally, and even financially when they are raised in a home with their biological mom and dad."

This has been proven FALSE.

We shouldn't be surprised though. When one's weapons are taken away, one will use pebbles and stones to fight.

ACTION: Embedded below is the flyer for Tuesday's anti-gay rally. If you live in Washington DC or the surrounding areas, counter protest! Also check in with local LGBT group, DC for Marriage for any action items.

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