Thursday, April 30, 2009

Maine Senate Passes Marriage Equality Bill 20-15

UPDATE 10:05AM PST: Maine Senate rejects amendment that would've put marriage equality to a popular vote. It will now go to the House for a vote next week.

UPDATE: Amendment to Maine marriage equality bill being discussed. Could lead to populace vote. Maine voters evenly split on marriage equality.

From WLBZ 2:
(NEWS CENTER) -- The Maine state senate has voted on one of the most controversial bills this year. The bill proposes to legalize gay marriage in Maine.

Debate on the bill began Thursday morning, and was completed just before noon. The votes were 20 to 15 in favor of passing the bill. The senate is also discussing adding an amendment to the bill to put it out to vote.

Two days ago, a legislative committee that held hearings on the bill recommended 11-to-2 to that the bill ought to pass.

If it had not, that would have set the stage for a statewide referendum vote.
The House is expected to vote on the bill next week.

More reports to come! Keep checking back for updates.

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