Thursday, April 23, 2009

PETITION: Demand the US Tell Iraq to Stop Persecuting Its LGBT Citizens

REMINDER: With the recent executions of gays in Iraq, this petition to the President and Congress to put a stop to this NOW is more important than ever. only has 481 signatures and need 1,000!

Spread the word! Help this atrocity come out of the shadows and demand something be done!
Periodically, UTF will address concerns outside same-sex marriage, including focus on the treatment of LGBT individuals internationally and the lack of U.S. involvement.

Another case of extreme persecution has come up in Iraq, where the U.S. holds the most influence over any other nation in the world.

And now there's a call to ACTION.

Targeting: the President of the United States, members of the US Senate and members of the US House of Representatives

Started by: Michael Jones of

In recent weeks, reports have surfaced that the LGBT community in Iraq is facing dire safety concerns, with many reportedly scheduled to be executed by the Iraqi government. The situation in Iraq has gotten so egregious for LGBT citizens, an underground network has started to escort gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Iraqis out of the country.

These abuses need to be investigated by the U.S. government. As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said during her recent trip to Europe: "Human rights is and always will be one of the pillars of our foreign policy. And in particular, the persecution and discrimination against gays and lesbians is something that we take very seriously. It is terribly unfortunate that right now in unfortunately many places in the world violence against gays and lesbians, certainly discrimination and prejudice are not just occurring but condoned and protected. And we would hope that over the next few years we could have some influence in trying to change those attitudes..."

The U.S. has the power to help change these attitudes in Iraq, and we should focus on doing so before one more LGBT Iraqi is sentenced to die.

Read and sign the petition by June 28, 2009.

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