Thursday, April 23, 2009

Despite NOM's Efforts, New Poll Shows New Jersey Supports Same-Sex Marriage

The National Organization for Marriage keeps trying to scare the populace with a storm front coming their way that will rain gay weddings on their heads. But New Jersey, after being hammered with the "Gathering Storm" ads, says "Bring it on!"

A new Quinnipiac University poll reveals 49%-43% in support of a same-sex marriage law expected to be submitted after November's gubernatorial election. This is a drastic change from December 2007 when 50% opposed.

The argument that same-sex marriage threatens traditional marriage doesn't fly in the Garden State either with 66% not agreeing with the illogical statement.

"Legislators, take note: No matter what lies our opponents throw on television, New Jersey stands by marriage equality and will stand by you when you vote to end discrimination in marriage in 2009," said Steven Goldstein, chair of Garden State Equality.

When given three options, New Jersey responded:
  • 42% say same-sex couples should be allowed to marry;
  • 30% say same-sex couples should be allowed to form civil unions, but not marry;
  • 20% oppose any legal recognition of same-sex relationships.
Two years ago, New Jersey's civil union law took effect, and in the interim, support for same-sex marriage has shifted 6 points against it to 6 points in favor.

This further underlines the belief that much of the resistance to same-sex marriage lies in fear of what is different and unknown. For many, religion is the scapegoat used to mask their deep-rooted homophobia. Many truly believe their resistance is based on their beliefs, blurring the line between blind faith and prejudice, because many have been raised in religious communities where questioning is discouraged. As a result, they're not challenged to think outside the box and anything posing contradiction is a threat.

Until the apocalypse of civil unions and same-sex marriage comes and they realize the world isn't going to end. They may even begrudgingly admit that these gay families are actually, well, "OK."

Exposure is a great antidote to ignorance.

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  1. The polls in 2000 and 2008 in California were off by 8% both times. It is the same in other polls before the people vote.
    Same sex unions and marriage are not the same. That is obvious to everyone even in Kindergarten.
    The accuations of Homophobia, hate, bigotry are your own creation to try to silence people.
    Perez Hilton showed the whole country the true face on intolerence and hate.