Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rev. Eric Lee of the SCLC to Speak At "Meet in the Middle"

It's been confirmed! The Rev. Eric P. Lee will be participating in the march from Selma, CA to Fresno, CA for Meet in the Middle and will then speak at the following rally.

The Rev. Lee is President/CEO of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Greater Los Angeles and Chairman/President of the California Christian Leadership Conference. The SCLC was co-founded by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. shortly after the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Reverend Lee is one of Los Angeles’ most vocal and visible civil and human rights activists. From addressing the right of African-American security guards to organize into unions to addressing homophobia, Lee is leading the SCLC into the 21st Century.

A message from the Rev. Eric Lee:
"Never before has there been a proposition or a ballot initiative that has generated as much controversy and division as California's Proposition 8.

"Families, friends, neighbors and communities were divided on the issue of marriage equality, often to the point of heated arguments or purposeful avoidance.

"Marriage equality is a civil rights issue. Anytime one group of people is denied the rights another group of people enjoy, it is a fundamentally a denial of civil rights."

The reverend has written a book, "Proposition 8: The California Divide" which is to arrive on the shelves April 25.

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