Monday, April 20, 2009

Majority of NY Residents Support Same-Sex Marriage Poll Says

With all the scuffling going on between New York state's leadership over same-sex marriage, one can easily forget about the people they're representing and what they believe.

Luckily for us, Siena College hasn't forgotten and released a poll Monday indicating that 53 percent of voters approve of same-sex marriage, while 39 percent are opposed.

Alan Van Capelle, executive director of the Empire State Pride Agenda said, "In the past three years, Siena polling has shown support for marriage equality growing from 43% in 2007 to 46% last year to 53% this year and opposition dropping from 47% in 2007 to 40% last year to just 39% now...It’s time for State Senators who still aren’t with us to look at these results and ask themselves this simple question: 'Do I want to be on the right side of history or the wrong side of history when the story is written about how marriage equality came to New York State'?"

It's hard not to miss the reference to the temper tantrums that Sen. Ruben Diaz has been throwing ever since Gov. David Paterson introduced same-sex marriage legislation last week.

Hopefully, this poll will shut the senator up. But somehow, I doubt it.

Sienna Collge Poll NY State Same-Sex Marriage

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