Monday, October 12, 2009

View First Approve Referendum 71 Ad; Opposition Forms PAC for Big Donations

The Approve 71 campaign has released its first campaign ad that strikes a great tone, and not only shows how approving the new "everything but marriage" domestic partnership law will help LGBT couples but also senior citizens who benefit as well.

Here is the radio ad:

The opposition that is the Reject 71 campaign, who have the most hard-hitting, weirdest religious based ads ever, has just filed a PAC, reports Dominic Holden at SLOG.
Filing a new PAC is a "giant red flag" that anti-gay forces are about to dump loads of cash into the anti-gay Reject R-71 campaign, says WAFST campaign manager Josh Friedes. Much of the money for California's anti-gay Prop 8 came in the final weeks before the election.

"The filing of a PAC a few days before the cutoff suggests that this is a strategy to significantly fund an anti-gay campaign but have it cloaked in secrecy until such a time that that it is difficult to respond because of the state’s campaign finance laws," says Friedes.

"We won't know until how much money is dumped in until after the cut-off, so it will be hard to make it up in smaller contributions," Friedes says. "Anybody who can donate over $5,000 should do so now."
Donate to the Approve 71 campaign!

Read about yesterday's march in Washington state that brought out 1,500 for LGBT rights.

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