Monday, October 12, 2009

New York Senator Tom Duane "Certain" Marriage Equality Bill Will Pass By End of Year

New York's Sen. Tom Duane, the openly gay sponsor of the state's troubled marriage equality bill, told the Advocate Sunday that he was “certain” the bill would be passed “before the end of the year.” This is a shift from when he thought it would pass in September.
Asked when he expected the marriage equality bill would pass, the senator said he was “optimistic by the November election, which would help us with Maine. I am optimistic about that, and certain before the end of the year.”

Pressed for a more specific timetable, however, Duane gestured as if he were looking into a Magic 8 Ball, an analogy he used previously to describe the obscure and chaotic politics of the New York state senate, where Democrats hold a narrow majority. “It’s Albany,” said Duane. “So, you know.”
This bill has faced many an obstacle. In April the unpopular Gov. David Paterson introduced the bill and it passed the state Assembly in May. On to the senate it went only to be stalled after a power coup took place and all drama brook loose.

Soon it was believed that the bill died after extraordinary session after extraordinary session failed to get childish Senate to address state issues.

With a special session called in September to deal with the state's budget, Gov. Paterson announced he would resubmit the marriage equality legislation which followed with Sen. Duane and the governor stating they believed there would be a vote by the end of the month.

But it didn't happen.

So this new quote of Sen. Duane in the Advocate now pushes the deadline of a hopeful vote some time before next year.

Let's keep our fingers crossed and support the efforts of our allies in the New York Senate.


  1. That's assuming there is a session. We (NY'ers) were promised a gay marriage bill in September - never happened.

    With all due respect to Tom Duane, none of us want certainty, we want assurances.

  2. Why is New York dragging it's feet when it is supposedly the most liberal and welcoming of places? Others such as Connecticut and Massachusetts have done far more than us. Its abominable to say the least! I'm halfway thru my life..I DESERVE MY RIGHTS! I would like to see them while I'm still alive.

  3. Compared to New York City, New York State is another world.