Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Arizona Based Alliance Defense Fund Fights New York's Same-Sex Marriage Recognition Policies

Today New York's high court will be hearing two cases concerning the state's recognition of same-sex marriages legally performed outside its borders. The cases were brought by the anti-LGBT Alliance Defense Fund from Scottsdale, AZ whose grimy hands can be found at work in Iowa and in other marriage cases.

Though they lost in the lower courts, they naturally refused to give up. Because c'mon, what happens in New York is the Arizona-based organization's business.

The first case is ADF's challenge against the 2007 State Department of Civil Service policy that extended health insurance benefits to same-sex partners of state and local government employees who legally married outside of New York.

Again, this is of dire concern to Arizonians. Especially since the ADF is complaining that this is the misuse of New York state funds.


The second case challenges the 2006 administrative order of Westchester County executive Andrew J. Spano which directed officials to recognize same-sex unions performed outside New York.

Again, ADF argues this is "illegal, unconstitutional and resulted in unlawful disbursement of public funds."

The lower courts basically told ADF to shut up, saying both cases involved "valid exercises of [state] authority." But unfortunately, ADF didn't take their advice and appealed.

This may all become moot if New York state Sen. Tom Duane is right and the state's marriage equality bill passes before the end of the year. Of course then, opponents will throw what is now the obligatory childlike tantrum and try to figure out a way to put it on a ballot.

Case summary embedded below.

ADF Cases Against NY's Marriage Equality Recognition

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