Friday, October 16, 2009

Bishop Gene Robinson Speaks in Maine in Support of Marriage Equality

Openly gay Bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire spoke in Maine Thursday to support voters in voting NO on Question 1 which attempts to overthrow the state's new marriage equality law.

The report mentions that the Episcopal Church doesn't recognize marriage equality, but it does treat same-sex couples with respect. The church recently decided to begin crafting a prayer to bless same-sex unions.

I do find it odd that Bishop Robinson said there is no right or wrong way of voting on this measure. I think the marriage equality law clearly delineates the separation of church and state and that it is wrong to strip minorities of their rights.

He is a great man and has overcome a lot. Here's a clip of his speech:


  1. Could Bishop Robinson actually have said that there is no wrong answer to the question of marriage equality? Or is this a Fox News slant? What a weird report.

  2. I really don't know. The fact that he's speaking up for NO on 1 is proof of his support, but I think maybe he was trying not to judge those who feel otherwise.

  3. Wonder what he would say if he were a member of the Canadian church?