Friday, October 16, 2009

Catholic League's Bill Donohue Says Church Has Homosexual Problem, Not Pedophile

This diatribe from Bill Donohue of the Catholic League on the 700 Club, making an appearance to pitch his new book, made my stomach turn.

First he rants about the fact that some Catholic adoption agencies chose to give up government funding rather than to place children with gay and lesbian couples.

"We're not going to allow gay people to adopt children," he rails. "That's against nature. It's against nature's God! But they won't stop!"

Being a gay male myself who wants nothing more than to have a family with the man I love, hearing this makes my ears bleed. But I respect the Catholic Church's opinion and believe they have every right to deny me their services due to their beliefs, as long as they're not accepting government money (gritting my teeth as I say this). But to go on the attack against me is simply hypocritical.

But it gets worse. Donohue goes back to the ol' tried and true slander of equating homosexuals with pedophiles by denying the Catholic Church even has had a pedophile problem.

"They lie about the Catholic Church. They say, 'Oh, we have a pedophile problem.' It's been a homosexual problem all along."

Sure, OK, older priests abusing their power by having inappropriate relationships with underage altar boys is equal to two adults in a consensual, loving relationship. What? And we're the ones against nature?

But then he goes on to say that most of the priests were homosexuals who were predators aiming at POST-pubescent boys. As if again, that makes a difference and that most gays and lesbians would think that type of relationship is OK.

Who in their right mind would condone this? The implication that the LGBT population is somehow at fault for the Catholic Church's inability to handle a problem within their own ranks is deplorable.

Yet I remind myself, Donohue is not the church. He's just a guy peddling a book.

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  1. Yes, Donohue is not the Church, but just an oaf selling a book. Still, these bald attacks raise an interesting political question. My instincts says that we should run campaign ads questioning whether Catholic Churches have the moral authority to be speaking out and campaigning against our rights. I suppose that No on 1 must have done focus groups and concluded that warm and fuzzy ads work best. Still, I think a hard hitting ad against our enemies might also work. The hierarchy of the Catholic Church is not universally beloved. Neither is the Mormon Church. Yet we seem afraid to confront them directly in the political arena.