Saturday, August 29, 2009

VIDEO: Michigan's Calvin College Issues Memo to Professors - "Don't Support Gay Issues."

Having gone to a very strict and very well-known Christian college, it saddens me that such schools feel it is necessary to issue such unnecessary proclamations. The Provost of Calvin College commends the school for having a safe environment for LGBT students and keeping a "no harassment policy", but many times, such schools turn a blind eye to LGBT student issues.

During my sophomore year at my school, a friend came out of the closet and received so much hate mail from fellow students, he felt forced to leave. I know for a fact the school was aware of this and still did nothing. When they DO act, they simply ship their students to Exodus Ministries which is near the campus. As I became an "issue" for them later, they simply swept me under a rug.

I support these schools right to believe what they do and teach it, but if they think for once that issuing such redundant proclamations while applauding themselves that they help their LGBT students, then they're over-the-top delusional.


  1. Personally, it saddens me that gay students give their tuition dollars to schools that don't care about them.

    It also saddens me that any institution that claims to be about "higher education" has a religious bias at all, considering that religion flies in direct conflict with reality.

  2. well i hope this school gets a vist from the next equality U tour bus!! thinking there doing another 2010!~ jessica