Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Repeal Prop 8 Coalition to Hold San Francisco Meeting Saturday to Establish 2010 Signature Campaign

An invitation from the Repeal Prop 8 Coalition, formerly the Coalition for 2010:

On August 9th, over 175 people came together in Los Angeles at the "Next Steps Working Meeting" to begin the work of establishing a signature gathering effort to repeal Proposition 8 in 2010. The attendees, from all walks of life, all affinity groups, both gay and straight, agreed that no matter when Proposition 8 gets on the ballot, the campaign to end legal discrimination was beginning that day. Steve Hildebrand, deputy campaign manager during Barack Obama's successful 2008 bid for president, urged the attendees of the August 9th meeting to quickly establish a structure for the campaign. Attendees took this warning seriously, and agreed to meet again, by the end of August, to prepare that structure.

You are invited to join people from all over California at the "Working Together for Equality" Interim Organizational Structure & Signature Gathering Meeting on August 29th, at San Francisco State University. Three key goals have been established for the meeting:

1. Establish an interim administrative body, elected by the attendees, which will form the PAC necessary to raise funds for the upcoming campaign;
2. Develop a statewide leadership and organizational structure for grassroots communication and decision-making, for the purposes of the signature gathering effort;
3. Continue the important work of building bridges across the entire statewide community of LGBT & allied activists who are committed to overturning Proposition 8.

Special guest speaker: Ace Smith, campaign veteran campaign strategist based in San Francisco who led Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary campaign in California, Texas and North Carolina, winning in both California and Texas despite being considerably outspent by the opposition. In 2005, Smith managed Antonio Villaraigosa's underdog campaign for Mayor of Los Angeles. Despite being outspent by over $1 million in the primary campaign, Villaraigosa beat the incumbent mayor, James Hahn by 11%, and went on to rack up a 19-point lead in the general election. He will bring a wealth of knowledge and campaign experience to the event!

We urge you to register your seat now. This critical event will have a huge impact on the future of the campaign to repeal Proposition 8, and to ensure that your voice is heard, you must be there. Everyone who is dedicated to working for marriage equality is is welcome to join us, regardless of your opinion on whether 2010, or 2012, is the best time to return to the ballot to restore our rights.

The decision-making method for this meeting will be to recognize one vote for each organization or local chapter of an organization, but all organizations are welcome (and encouraged!) to send observers to caucus with their chosen delegate and network with the other community organizers who are present. You do not have to be affiliated with a group to attend.

Your early registration ensures that you will receive related announcements and a copy of the agenda when it is finalized.

It’s time to work together. Juntos podemos. Together we can!


Organizing Committee

Individuals from the groups listed below participated in the organizing of this event. Participation in the organizing committee does not mean that these organizations endorse the meeting.

* Marriage Equality USA -San Mateo County
* Courage Campaign
* HealthCare for All (HCA)
* Long Beach, CA Chair
* Gay-Straight Alliance for Equality (GSAFE)
* San Diego Equality Campaign
* Stonewall Democrats - L.A.
* Equality Network
* Equal Roots
* Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles
* Democratic State Central Committee Delegate
* Boyle Heights Stakeholders Association
* One Struggle One Fight
* Equal Rights Initiative
* Rainbow Knights Coalition
* Yes! On Equality
* Sacramento LGBT Center/Pride
* Stonewall Democratic Club
* Love Honor Cherish
* Lesbian and Gay Lawyers Association of Los Angeles (LGLA)
* North County LGBT Coalition
* San Diego Alliance for Marriage Equality (SAME)
* Si Se Puede
* San Diego Peace Resource Center
* San Diego Branch of the International Socialist Organization


  1. YES!! Let's do this everybody!

  2. I agree. This is a great development. Let's fight in 2010. I hope that there will be a special outreach to liberterian Republicans. I think that is a demographic we can win if approached correctly.

  3. Good to know about your event. In couple of months I'm arranging a family get together and searching for affordable venues Chicago. Hoping to find one quickly. Inviting all of my family and few close family friends too.