Saturday, August 29, 2009

Three TABC Agents Fired Over Rainbow Lounge Bar Raid

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) has finished its investigation of the June raid of the Rainbow Lounge, which resulted in several arrests and an injured patron, and has decided to fired two of its agents and a supervisor while disciplining two others.

The two agents, Christopher Aller and Jason Chapman "failed to report that they used force when arresting the customer or that he was seriously injured . . . were accused of participating in the raid without their supervisor’s approval, disrupting the business during the raid and wearing improper attire," the AP reports.

Sft. Terry Parsons, their supervisor, who had taken leave while the investigation was underway, was also fired. He didn't follow-up with his officers resulting in their failure to file a use of force report during the raid arrests, did not take appropriate action for their improper attire and did not notify supervisors about the arrests.

Parson's director supervisor, Lt. Gene Anderson, will be suspended without pay for three days and put on a six month probation. Capt. Robert "Charlie" Cloud who oversees Dallas/Ft. Worth TABC offices, has received a written reprimand.

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