Friday, August 28, 2009

Iowa Ethics Board Sends Sharply Worded Warning to NOM

One Iowa, an LGBT advocacy group, posted this morning that National Organization for Marriage (NOM) has received a sharp warning from Iowa Ethics Board for their involvement in Iowa politics.

This week NOM started airing almost $90,000 worth of ads concentrated on a single rural Iowa House District. NOM's goal: to elect anti-gay candidates and overturn the freedom to marry in Iowa and across the country.
In a August 27 letter, the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board, warns the National Organization for Marriage about their campaign activities in Iowa. Here are the key points of the warning (full letter at bottom of post):
  • Only an “insignificant and insubstantial amount” of NOM’s income is permitted to come from business organizations
  • If advocacy activities in Iowa exceed $750, NOM must form a PAC and disclose contributors
  • “To continue to file an independent expenditure statement for future elections in Iowa would mean that your organization is not raising more than $750 from outside sources for such purposes”
Last Friday NOM filed an independent expenditure report for nearly $90,000 worth of ads. The letter makes clear that to continue to file in this manner would run afoul of Iowa election laws.

One Iowa has been calling for NOM to release the names of their contributors since Monday. Please sign our petition now to keep their feet to the fire!

NOM had previously marketed the following claim to perspective donors: “NOM has the ability to protect donor identities, ensuring that you, your family, and your business are not targeted by gay marriage advocates for harassment.”

The anti-gay marriage group has spent thousands to flood rural Iowa with ads for an anti-gay legislative candidate and has raised funds specifically for their “Reclaim Iowa” campaign. The special election is set for next Tuesday and reports show that NOM has spent more than either of the candidates have spent on the race!

NOM is trying to buy this special election! Demand that they release their donors!
NOM has a history of funneling money from the Mormon Church into anti-gay measures, while refusing to disclose the source of their funds.

Demand NOM disclose who is funding their anti-marriage equality campaign ads by signing One Iowa's petition!

Iowa Ethics Board Warning to NOM

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