Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cell Phone Pic of Huge Fire Here in S. California - Will Gays Be Blamed Again?

This is a random post, but I had to put up this picture I took of the major fire eating huge swaths of acres just outside Los Angeles in Angeles National Park, threatening thousands of homes.

My partner and I were headed towards the 101 and saw this huge plume of smoke and I snapped this picture with my old-school cell phone. Then I quipped, "Do you think we gays will be blamed for this, too?" After all, Los Angeles is a hot bed of iniquity.

If we truly had the power to indirectly wield such destruction with our "sin," (aka the tornado that destroyed the gay-loving Lutheran Church, Hurricane Katrina) you'd think we'd have our rights by now. LOL.

C'mon Pat Robertson, where's the blame? We want our rights.

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