Monday, August 31, 2009

Media Matters Points Out NOM's Irrationality, Something the Washington Post Failed to Do

In what is now the infamous Washington Post article on the National Organization for Marriage's Brian Brown, the piece described the executive director as being "nice" and opposing marriage equality with "sanity."

However, nowhere in the article are LGBT organizations and their leaders quoted to give the description of NOM some context. Nor did reporter Monica Hesse do any digging into NOM's past and present actions and rhetoric. If she did, she didn't report it. Instead, what she wrote was a one-sided piece on a man obsessed on keeping gays from being married, passing him off as Santa Claus for the right-wing. It's a sad example of bad reporting.

Jamison Foser at Media Matters happily picked up Hesse' slack and pointed out all the "insane" and "irrational" actions and rants of NOM and its board members.

Here's one example of what Foser found, particularly on board member Orson Scott Card.
"If America becomes a place where the laws of the nation declare that marriage no longer exists -- which is what the Massachusetts decision actually does -- then our allegiance to America will become zero. We will transfer our allegiance to a society that does protect marriage.
And I don't mean that civilized Americans will move. I mean that they'll simply stop regarding the authority of the government as having any legitimacy."
I highly recommend you read first the Washington Post brown nose piece and then Foser's "What the WaPo's National Organization for Marriage profile left out."

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  1. Can I transfer my allegiance to a government that protects rationalism and therefore bans religious people from having any say in public policy?

    Oh wait, it doesn't work that way. Damn.