Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Catholic Church Steps in to Fight Marriage Equality in Washington D.C.

In a press release issued Wednesday, the Archdiocese of Washington D.C. announced it sent a letter to over 300 priests urging their support for the "Marriage Initiative 2009" which would put the issue of a marriage equality ban up to the District's residents.
“A ballot initiative will give voters in the District of Columbia a voice on this critical issue. Earlier this year, the City Council pushed through legal recognition of same-sex marriages from other states without even giving their constituents an opportunity to have input,” said Ronald Jackson, executive director of the DC Catholic Conference.

“It is ironic that at the same time the city is asking for voting representation in the U.S. Congress, its leaders are denying residents the opportunity to participate in the democratic process for an issue with widespread implications for children and families,” he added.

“One challenge we see today is a lack of understanding by many people about what marriage is,” said Washington Archbishop Donald W. Wuerl. “Marriage simply recognizes a relationship that is fundamental to nature: the complementarity of man and woman. That relationship is not a creation of church or civil law. However, governments and faith groups recognize marriage as between a man and woman because the exclusive, mutual and lifelong gift of a husband and wife to each other is the most stable and secure foundation to create and nurture children.”
Just yesterday, Bishop Harry Jackson announced his intention to keep fighting marriage equality in the nation's capitol by joining with NOM to submit the "Marriage Initiative 2009" which would define marriage as one man and one woman.

Joe Sudbay interviewed Michael Crawford who co-chairs D.C. for Marriage and asked him about the constant fight over marriage in the District and how you can get involved.

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