Monday, July 20, 2009

Yes on 8 Organization Canvassing Same Areas as LGBT Organizations, Actively Countering Our Efforts

Protect Marriage, the group behind Proposition 8, have been out canvassing in the same areas that many LGBT organizations have begun going door-to-door, holding conversations with those who voted in favor of Prop 8. They will be focusing their teams in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and the Central Valley.

It comes as no surprise that they will be mirroring our efforts to counter any progress we may be making. Luckily, groups such as Equality California and Courage Campaign have had teams going out for awhile changing hearts and minds, as this report from Fresno, CA shows.

ACTION: Get involved! Help change hearts and minds. Join one of the organizations below in canvassing your neighborhood weekly. Many offer training sessions before going out and speaking with people, so you'll be fully prepared. Sure, you'll be nervous (everyone is), but it's the best feeling ever knowing you're making a difference and helping win back our rights person by person, one door at a time.

These links will take you directly to their canvassing information.

Equality California: Win Marriage Back (Get the most recent news from the field!)

Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center: Vote For Equality

Courage Campaign: Equality Teams

Another MAJOR opportunity to learn how to engage those who oppose marriage equality is attending Courage Campaign's Camp Courage, where you'll cover canvassing, phone banking, fund raising and more. The next Camp Courage will take place in East Los Angeles August 1-2. Check it out!

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