Thursday, July 23, 2009

CA Grassroots Organization "Love Honor Cherish" Releases Blueprint for Successful 2010 Campaign to Repeal Prop 8

Love Honor Cherish, a California LGBT grassroots organization known for its strong support for a 2010 campaign to repeal Prop 8, has released a 21-page outline of a future campaign entitled "Blueprint for Equality: How We Will Restore the Right to Marry in 2010."

The Blueprint shows how activists can gather the 1 million signatures needed to place a new ballot measure on the November 2010 ballot and then prevail at the ballot box. It projects that, over the next 15 months, a winning campaign will need to enlist 12,500 volunteers and raise $31.3 million to repeal Prop 8, which passed last November with 52% of the vote.

Love Honor Cherish - Blueprint for 2010 Campaign

John Henning, Executive Director of Love Honor Cherish, recognized that some in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) community have reservations about moving forward in 2010, but said that much of this sentiment is based on misinformation. "According to a recent poll by David Binder Research, already 50% of likely voters in 2010 say they would vote to repeal Prop 8," said Henning. "The Blueprint debunks the myths about 2010 and shows a clear path to victory."

What are you thoughts on the Blueprint? Does it convince you that 2010 is possible and feasible? Do you feel it fully addresses the concerns of the consultants who advised Equality California that 2012 is the best way to go?

This Saturday, July 25 is the Leadership Summit where many are hoping a final decision will be made on when to return to the ballot. It is open to the public. Please RSVP!


  1. YES, finally! Let's do this! 2010!

  2. This blueprint is thoughtful and well reasoned. I hope that it will be read carefully by the leaders of organizations opposed to a 2010 campaign.

  3. It will fail if it gets to the ballot.You sodomites never give up thats okay because you are in for a fierce battle against Gods people.Prepare to fight sodomite.

  4. In Christ: doesn't Christ say in your bible that all people are created by God...thereby making us ALL his people? Fail.