Monday, July 20, 2009

Internet Explorer Problems on Unite the Fight: A Few Solutions

Currently Blogger, which hosts Unite the Fight, is experiencing problems with Internet Explorer and mostly in the newest version, Internet Explorer 8. Since Blogger is a web based program, any updated browsers can cause problems for Blogger who will have to update their codes. Unfortunately, it's out of my control.


If you get an "Operation Aborted" window pop-up while reading Unite the Fight, just close the box and hit the back button to read the blog.


Add to the compatibility list in Internet Explorer under Tools, Options, Compatibility View Settings.


You can read Unite the Fight in Firefox (Download it for free) or in Safari if you have a Mac.

I also changed how comments are added by directing you to a "Full Page" placement where you input the comment. Adding comments directly underneath the post, which I preferred and hope to return to, somehow trigger issues with IE8.

In the meantime, you may see some changes to the blog in order to eradicate the need for solutions so you can view UTF with ease.

Thanks for your patience!

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