Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Religious Pennsylvania Group Who Doesn't Believe in Civil Marriage Headed to Maine to Fight Marriage Equality

Maine Freedom to Marry, the campaign established to protect marriage equality in the state, sent out a notice that the The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property, an all-male group, is headed to Maine to fight marriage equality.

Local NBC affiliate WCSH6 reports, "The group says gay marriage is harmful to society because children do not have a mother and father. They also claim that marriages performed at City Hall, without God present, are not really marriages. However the group is not arguing that issue while in Maine."

I can't say I'm all that shocked. It's inevitable that unless every relationship looks like theirs, that they're going to want to invade everyone's bedroom (for some of us, this has happened literally) and say, "Unless you marry under our God's law and blessing, you're not married and unnatural."

Watch out straight couples, sounds like your civil marriages are next.

This kind of thinking had led to many religious wars and historical persecutions in the past. Watching this video gave me chills.

Find out how you can help, including volunteering (no matter where you live) and donating at MaineFreedomtoMarry.com.

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