Tuesday, June 23, 2009

White House Conference Call with DNC LGBT Caucus a Bomb

Unite the Fight earlier reported that top White House officials had scheduled a phone call Monday with the DNC LGBT caucus and top LGBT organizations.

America Blog was able to talk with a source that was on the conference call. Their thoughts on it - "What a waste of time. They took 3 questions, two of which were uncritical."

Just three questions. Only one critical. Gee, thanks for the call.

But this could also be a reflection of the DNC LGBT caucus members. Did they not have the balls to push the administration on the recent controversies? Do they care? And if you're wondering who the members are, well I am, too. I can't seem to find the membership list anywhere. (Being sarcastic here)

Another report to America Blog stated that a caucus member asked, "What are we going to do about the blogs?"

What blogs? Oh, the many many blogs that have reflected the anger of the LGBT population against the DOJ's brief defending DOMA, Obama's refusal to use a stop-loss order to temporarily cease the discharges of LGBT servicemembers under DADT that run about two a day, the little to no pressure on Congress to pass ENDA, and the Administration's lack of movement on their rapidly shrinking LGBT rights agenda?

You mean, those blogs!

Yeah, they cause a lot of problems. Did you know they encourage community protests at DNC fundraisers where said LGBT caucus donors hobnob with the Washington elite, where they don't question whether or not the gAyTM should stop dispensing cash, and forget to ask the politicians about those pesky little Democratic campaign promises? The ones that suddenly seem impossible to fulfill once office terms begin.

Y'know, the blogs and community members that ask DNC LGBT caucus members to do their jobs instead of getting tipsy on cocktail drinks (which I'll choose to believe is the source of their lack of judgment when in the presence of those who will sell them out at the drop of a hat.)?

Yeah, so annoying, those blogs. Don't you just hate it when they give out protest information like this?

Washington DC DNC LGBT Fundraiser Protest
Boston DNC Protest

Or when they ask the community members to perform easy to do actions that make big statements, like faxing this form to the DNC?

Yeah, what ARE we going to do about those blogs?

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