Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sen. "We Allow Gays to Exist" Eichelberger's Website Flagged by Google as "Attack Site!"

As Unite the Fight commentator Larry-Bob pointed out, Pennsylvania Sen. Eichelberger's website has been blocked by Google as an "attack site." The senator, who is proposing a bill banning same-sex marriage in his state, recently gained infamy for stating on a radio debate about same-sex marriage, "We allow gays to exist."

When looking into why the site was categorized as "suspicious," Google directs you to this page. See screen grab below:

So for it to be listed as such, it takes only one person to flag a site? I'm not much of a techie, so if someone can clarify for me what it takes for Google to categorize an "attack site", it would help.

If this is a tactic from our side, I don't agree with it. Whether or not we agree with the senator's words, our country protects the right to freedom of speech. Maliciously going after the senator's website, which serves many of his innocent constituents, is not the path that we should be taking to make a point. Actually, it does more harm than good.

If it isn't from us, then this raises many more questions. But it sure would be coincidental.

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