Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pastor of Church Performing Exorcism of "Homosexual Demon" Speaks to CNN - "Everything Carries a Spirit."

CNN today just interviewed Sr. Pastor Patricia McKinney of the Manifested Glory Ministries, the church at the center of the controversy of the exorcism of the "homosexual demon" video, which depicts the elders and the pastor attempting to cast a gay demon or "spirit" out of a young congregant.

Some quotes from the pastor:

"I just wanted to tell the world out there that Manifested Glory Ministries is not against homosexuality. We do not hate them, we do not come up against them - we just do not believe in their lifestyle. We believe in the power of the holy spirit."

She claims the young man threw himself on the ground asking to be delivered from his homosexuality.

Asked if anyone is welcome to the church, including homosexuals, she responds:

"When you come in [to the church], you can get delivered by the power of the holy spirit. We welcome anyone in our church. Alls [sic] were saying is that we do not like the lifestyle of a man with a man and a woman with a woman. And that's our beliefs. We do not say that they cannot come in our church. They are all welcomed in our church. They just have to be delivered."

"Everything carries a spirit. It's just not the homosexual spirit. You have the alcohol spirit, you have the crack cocaine spirit, you have the adultery spirit - everything carries a spirit. It can be a good spirit. It can be a bad spirit."

Asked if the man was delivered from homosexuality, if his lifestyle has changed, she says:

"Yes he's doing much better . . . He is a very intelligent young man. He is a very powerful young man. And he's a very spiritual young man . . . We are a spiritual church.

"I am an end-time prophet. I declare the word of the Lord. And alls [sic] I'm doing is the work of the Lord. We're not coming up against the gay community. We're not coming up against homosexuality."

When it's pointed out that she's judging homosexuality as wrong when comparing it to adultery and addiction, she claims:

"I am a recovering addict. I am recovering crack head and heroine addict. And I knew that I was under the power of a demonic force that caused me to use crack cocaine and that caused me to use heroine. Now I've been clean and sober through the power of the holy spirit for 15 years now. But it took the deliverance of the holy spirit to get me free. I've been through jails and I've been through programs that did not help."

Asked what we would see if the whole context of the video was portrayed:

"You would've seen that we're just people that love the Lord, we're people that worship him in spirit and truth...If you would come into our church, you don't see that we're not just exorcising and casting out demons. We do so many good things in the community..."

"I love God's people. I don't care if you're a homosexual, I don't care if you're a lesbian, I don't care if you're a drug addict. Everything carries a spirit. And when I say about gay couples - that their prerogative. But my beliefs [sic] is that a man should be with a woman and woman should be with a man. When God created the earth, he created Adam & Eve. And I believe that there is a power and a force behind homosexuality, not just homosexuality, but adultery, lesbiism [sic], all kinds of spirits. I just want to put my story out there because it making it seem like I'm a murderer, it making it seem like I hate the gays."

Having come from a Christian and highly spiritual background, this controversy comes at no surprise to me. Though I believe this pastor and the church have good intentions, it appears to me their own past dire pasts have been projected upon each other. This brainwashing does irreparable damage, including to this young man who hates himself enough to willingly subject his body and mind to this "exorcism."

Sounds like this pastor's "demons" are still hanging on to her. What a shame.

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