Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Report on Protest over DOMA Brief at Boston's DNC Fundraiser

Blog Ryan's Take covers first-hand the protest of the DNC's fundraiser in Boston. Spurred by the DOJ's and Obama Administration's insulting brief defending DOMA, many have taken the Democrats to task for accepting our money but not keeping their campaign promises to us.

Ryan's Take reports on Pam's House Blend:
If today's event in Boston is any indication, the DNC, DSCC, DCCC and Obama campaign committee can be expecting hundreds upon hundreds of protestors across the country at their fundraisers in the days ahead. About 30-40 people came to protest President Obama's DOMA brief at today's DNC fundraiser at Fenway Park in Boston, headlined by Vice President Biden.
Some key moments of the protests: Lt. Governor Tim Murray and Mayor Boston both attended the event, but neither of them recognized the protestors. MassEquality's Scott Gortikov crossed the (picket) line, attending the fundraiser despite the protestors and Obama administration brief. Lastly, the police pushed protestors back beyond the original protest area, to the extent that it made it very difficult to have a fair voice in protesting.
“With President Bush, we kind of expected his anti-gay policies and agenda,” Paul Sousa, co-chairman of Join The Impact Massachusetts which helped plan the protest, told the Boston Herald. “With Obama, we thought we were getting a friend in the White House.”

Videos from Ryan's Take. Image by John Wilcox of the Boston Herald.

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