Tuesday, June 23, 2009

UPDATE: NY Gov. Paterson Calls for an Extraordinary Senate Session to Conclude "People's Business."

UPDATE: New York Senate Democrats have locked themselves in the Senate chamber, causing a major stumbling block for any real work to get done today as the struggle for Senate power continues. Yet another delay on any possibility for a vote on the marriage equality bill.

On the last scheduled day for the New York Senate to convene, only 31 of 62 senators appeared due to a deadlock over the power wrangling that has gripped the chamber the last couple weeks.

With over 50 bills still needing voted on, including the marriage equality bill, Gov. Paterson called for an extraordinary session today. He will continue to call sessions until the "people's business" gets done. "That includes Saturdays and Sundays, that includes Fourth of July. There will be no excuses, and there will be no tolerance to non-compliance to this order," the governor has said.

Paterson's Proclamation Presser from Elizabeth Benjamin on Vimeo.

Though many don't expect the marriage equality bill to be voted on today, Gov. Paterson did state that the Senate will be called "into session every day until the people's business is discharged and deliberations are held on a number of important issues, we will be moving on to issues of reform, fiscal discipline and also civil rights." (emphasis is mine)

Which means, the marriage equality bill could come up sometime soon.

Though the governor cannot force the Senate to vote on any particular bill, he can force them to stay in the state house with the help of the state police until all business is concluded.

ACTION: Contact your Senator NOW and express your support for the marriage equality bill. Inform them that a majority of New York residents support marriage equality. The newest Quinnipiac University poll finds that 51% supports marriage equality versus 41% opposed.

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