Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Hampshire's Senate Same-Sex Marriage Hearing

The New Hampshire Senate Judiciary Committee held its public hearing Wednesday on the same-sex marriage bill that passed the House in March.

FOX 44 reports:
"At least 500 people crowded into New Hampshire's Statehouse in an emotional and sometimes boisterous hearing over whether allowing gay marriage would weaken or strengthen the family institution."

"Emotions ran high as the philosophical debate created some face-to-face confrontations. Several hundred people against gay marriage and a smaller number supporting it gathered in separate groups on the Statehouse plaza, mixing briefly as they headed into the building for a Senate committee hearing on whether New Hampshire should be the fifth state to allow gay marriage. As they mixed, some from the pro-gay marriage group shouted 'Love means everyone,' prompting others to counter: 'Support traditional marriage.'"
“Civil rights,” said Tom Keeler, a Concord gay activist, speaking through a bullhorn. “That’s all there is to this. There is a minority being oppressed by a majority.”

At one point, an opponent of gay marriage tried to block the megaphone.

Though the bill is expected to pass the committee, its future on the Senate floor remains uncertain with some senators believing it will fail.

Democratic Gov. John Lynch signed the state's current civil unions bill and thinks that law is sufficient and has expressed his opposition to same-sex marriage. However, he hasn't spoken on whether or not he would veto a bill if it reached his desk.

Find out what you can do to help the New Hampshire bill by going to this Unite the Fight actions post.

Go to Blue Hampshire for a first-hand account.

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