Monday, April 13, 2009

ACTION NEEDED: New Hampshire Gearing Up for Its Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Dean Barker posted on Pam's House Blend, reminding everyone that HB346, New Hampshire's same-sex marriage bill that passed the state House by seven votes, is now headed to the Senate very soon.

He wrote:
"A couple of key points:

* It is my belief, and that of some others, that our Democratic governor [John Lynch], while voicing a muted, personal opposition to marriage equality, does not have the political space to veto this if it passes the state senate.

* Right now, we have a 14-9 Democratic majority in the senate.

* We also have a special election for the 24th seat coming up in just a cople of weeks. The Democrat in the race, Bud Martin, has announced that he supports marriage equality! If he wins prior to a vote, he could very well be the clincher.
See Queers United post on helping Bud Martin get elected.

In order to help New Hampshire pass the bill, Barker lists some ACTIONS:

1) Contact the state senate, especially if you are a Granite Stater, with your support of HB436. Be polite, please - they are likely getting deluged right now on this on both sides.

2) Give if you can to Democrat Bud Martin's special election state senate campaign, who supports HB436.

3) Spread the word to anyone you know in New Hamphshire who can attend the public hearing this Wednesday.

Barker also contributes to Blue Hampshire, NH's progressive political blog, on which he has an ongoing series titled Face of Marriage Equality, a must see. Spread the word.

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