Wednesday, April 15, 2009

EVENT REMINDER: Stand for Marriage Equality on Tax Day!

TODAY IS TAX DAY! Read this post to see what actions are planned today to fight for your rights!

Don't forget to rally for your rights on tax day Wednesday, April 15! Many benefits offered through marriage are denied the LGBT population because of anti-gay marriage laws, and this is more pronounced than ever during tax season.

Check out the new press release from Marriage Equality USA, Join the Impact and HRC.

Also, don't forget to celebrate on tax day as well. Check out Same Sex Kiss Day. Going to Starbucks will never be the same!
As millions of Americans file their income taxes, a coalition of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender advocacy groups call attention to the tax inequities facing same-sex couples as a result of the state and federal laws that refuse to recognize or extend civil marriage protections to same-sex couples.

Marriage Equality USA, Join the Impact and the Human Rights Campaign have collectively organized a series of events at U. S. Post Offices across the nation to highlight the ongoing moral and financial costs of denying marriage equality to same-sex couples—as well as the consequences paid by all Americans as a result of these discriminatory state and federal laws.

Join the Impact:
"As LGBT Americans, we work hard, take care of our families, and pay our taxes every year. Yet, our families are not included in the very policies we help fund. Our loved ones are treated like legal strangers and denied the economic protections given to our heterosexual counterparts."
Molly McCay, Marriage Equality USA Media Director, states:
“Each tax season, same-sex couples sit at their dining room tables and are forced to live a legal lie by checking ‘single’ despite their decades together and then arbitrarily dividing up their joint household’s income, expenses, and dependents. Then we write checks to the IRS for social security taxes, knowing that when we die our families will not even have access to any of the family ‘safety net’ benefits provided in the form of social security survivor benefits, estate tax deferral, and other programs that we help fund through our tax dollars and that only heterosexual couples and their children will enjoy.”
To find out what rallies in your area, go to


A study produced by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) debunks the myth that granting same-sex couples the freedom to marry would cost the government money. In fact, it would save taxpayer dollars. Same-sex couples aren’t the only ones paying for marriage discrimination, all taxpayers fund this discrimination which amounts to as much as $1 billion over the next 10 years

Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report debunking same-sex marriage myth

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