Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ACTION: Sign Petition to Support Domestic Partnership Expansion in Washington State

As earlier reported on Unite the Fight, Washington State is considering a domestic partnership bill that would expand the benefits of this institution to equally resemble marriage under state law. It passed the Senate and is posed to appear in the House.

However, Larry Stickney of the right-wing Washginton Values Alliance is having none of it. Washington law defines marriage as only between a man and a woman and the state Supreme Court has upheld it. But Stickney feels sure this bill, if it becomes law, would be used to again try to legalize same-sex marriage by judicial fiat.

So he's planning an initiative to ask voters to repeal it before a judge gets hold of it.

ACTION: Sign Equal Rights Washgington's Petition that will go to the legislature asking for their support of domestic partnerships benefits expansion. This will help us identify who our strong supporters are in case an initiative actually does reach the voters.

Time to build our support base now.

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