Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Need a Ride to "Meet in the Middle"? A Place to Stay?

This week has been exciting for marriage equality! But California is still waiting to hear from its Supreme Court about Proposition 8.

But either way they rule, Meet in the Middle is going to be a big event, with people from all over California and beyond converging on Fresno, CA the Saturday after the ruling. It will either be a rally to motivate us to work on undoing Proposition 8's damage, or a celebration of its overturn and a rallying of troops to take it to the federal level.

The organizers of Meet in the Middle realize it may be difficult for you to get there. So they're making it as easy as possible. There are several things you can do.

1. Go to their RSVP and Trip Planning page. If you RSVP, they can help you with all aspects of your trip from transportation to housing. If not, simply peruse their Trip Planning tips.

2. Check out the buses they have reserved from San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento. Better hurry - limited seats!

3. For accommodations, they have LGBT friendly hotels listed. But even better, if you RSVP, Meet in the Middle may be able to find some homes that have rooms or couches available for a few equal rights activists like you!

Don't miss out on this historical event!

But don't be upset if you can't make it. Unite the Fight is the official blog for the event. Just keep checking here the day of Meet in the Middle, and you won't miss a beat!


  1. I'm interested in attending, but since we are only a couple of hours from Fresno, I would like to find a ride down and back on the same day. Not sure I can afford to take more than the one day away. I would be bringing my 2 sons as well, so if anyone is going down from Modesto and returning the same night, and can fit 3 more ppl, we would love to talk to you.

  2. Email me at info@unitethefight.org and I will send your request to the organizers. They may know of people to put you in touch with.