Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Don't Watch This Ad by NOM if You Don't Want to Get Angry

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM), the fanatical right wing (and yes, religious) group is desperate now that the Iowa Supreme Court has decimated every one of their religious arguments against same-sex marriage in their court ruling. (Read the ruling after the jump here)

So without being able to use religion as an excuse to oppose same-sex marriage, NOM is now using lies and scare tactics to get their way. Here's their new ad:

Amazing. Just amazing how they can get away with such bold-faced lies. The lies may even be laughable, but to those who don't know enough about the facts or who are not familiar with the LGBT community, can easily be swayed by such deception.

Luckily, our smart friends over at Good As You (GAY) have already prepared a response:

We may have had a great week in the marriage equality/equal rights movement, but we still have a long way. Our biggest hurdle is undoing the damage that such lies that NOM promotes by being brave enough to talk about the truth to those who discriminate against us. Or more importantly, those who are not sure what they think and feel.

One-on-one conversations, one person at a time, telling our stories, is the only true path to change.

(Interesting: see the actors audition for this ad at NG Blog. These people in the ads aren't real!)

HRC's response to the ads.

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