Thursday, March 12, 2009

Equal Rights Battle Building in Washington State

The state Senate has approved a bill giving same-sex domestic partners all of the rights and benefits the state offers married couples have.

The bill, sponsored by Democratic Senator Ed Murray, was passed on a 30-18 vote and now heads to the House.

However, this bill faces many obstacles. Opponents claim the legislation will open the door to gay marriage in Washington, and with the success of Proposition 8 in California, they feel very motivated to repeat that victory in their own state.

"We're fighting with a great sense of urgency," Larry Stickney, president of the Washington Values Alliance, told the Seattle Times. "In light of the California Supreme Court decision, it inspired us that if we didn't fight, it's lost. We feel backed into a corner."

As a result, they plan to rally and protest this measure, flooding lawmakers with phone calls and packing legislative hearings.

Show your support for the local LGBT community. Visit Equal Rights Washington and Pride Foundation to see how you can get involved. Sign their Marriage Equality Petition 09. If you live in Washington, send it to your government representatives. And check out Equal Rights Washington's rally event they're having today!

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