Thursday, April 9, 2009

Still Mad About Those Ads? Another Action Against Them!

The now infamous National Organization for Marriage ads that spew anti-gay lies about same-sex marriage are now headed to Iowa where the organization's agenda to end all same-sex marriage rights suffered a major defeat.

Watching the ads is like watching a child throw a hissy fit.

One Iowa is starting a petition opposing out of state groups from using their money and influence to take away the rights of Iowans. Which makes sense, since NOM is the same group that pumped tons of money into ads supporting Proposition 8 in California.

Use your anger productively. Sign One Iowa's petition and let it be known that NOM is not welcome in the Hawkeye State.

Yesterday, I also told how you can fight back in a more strategic since by supporting Camp Courage, or even better, by attending. The more tools we have to fight with, the less we'll see of groups like NOM.

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