Tuesday, June 2, 2009

VIDEO: UTF Meet in the Middle Interviews - Queer As Folk Actress, Michelle Clunie

Unite the Fight interviews straight ally and Queer as Folk actress Michelle Clunie backstage at Meet in the Middle.

Before attending Meet in the Middle, Michelle told SheWired.com about attending the massive rally:

"I do not see it as an obligation or even a duty. I see it as an honor to stand up for one of our greatest communities in the nation.

You are my brothers, my sisters, my friends, my colleagues and mentors and I will fight side by side with you until we have set right this atrocity and war on basic human rights.

And for those who choose to not use their voices, who view this as only a "gay" issue ....I ask them, who are we if we do not stand up for love?

What do you believe in?, if not love....."

Keep checking back throughout the week for our Meet in the Middle Interview Series . We've got more with Dustin Lance Black, Erick McCormack, Cleve Jones and more!

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