Monday, September 14, 2009

Opposing Marriage Equality Rallies Held in Maine Over Weekend; The "Devil" Is on Marriage Equality Side

Sunday was a busy day in Maine. Not only did numerous Catholic parishes raise money to fight marriage equality, opposing rallies were held in Augusta, the state's capital. The anti-marriage equality rally for the Yes on 1 Campaign was only open to those who had tickets and closed off to the media. (More on that below) After much criticism, especially the media, they decided to hold a press conference beforehand.

That same day, the No on 1 campaign held an inclusive rally as well.

It does make you wonder why the Yes on 1 side was adamant about keeping their rally private. Though I understand their concerns that it could be "infiltrated" by us, supporters of marriage equality, our rallies are constantly bombarded by "God Hates F***!" sign holders. I've never once heard of a private LGBT rally, despite many times threats of being bashed.

Jeremy Hooper at was able to keep up on what was happening at the Yes on 1 rally through Twitter. From what he found, I can only conclude that they wanted to keep the rally private not to keep us out, but to keep their crazies from exposure.

Don't forget that you can be involved with helping Maine protect its marriage equality law. Go to the NO one 1/Protect Maine Equality website and find out how!

Also, check out the campaign's Volunteer Vacation opportunity.

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