Thursday, September 17, 2009

OUT West Campaign Boot Camp Took the Bull That Is a Ballot Campaign by the Horns

Over the past weekend, nearly 150 people gathered on the USC campus to attend OUT West's Campaign Boot Camp for hands-on training on how to run a ballot campaign. Over two days, the attendees learned about fund raising, media ads and buying, message development and discipline, voter persuasion, campaign structure, organizing, strategy and much more.

And an amazing array of faculty took time out of their busy schedules to pass on a wide range of knowledge: political consultant David Fleischer; long-time activist and campaign veteran Diane Abbit; SCLC Los Angeles President Rev. Eric Lee; Moof Mayeda, Sarah Reece and Kathleen Camisano of the Gay and Lesbian Task Force; Marc Solomon of Equality California; Sarah Callahan of Courage Campaign; and keynote speaker Christine Pelosi, author of the book Campaign Boot Camp and many more.

Mike Skiff of Third Rail Media reports:

OUT West, one of the largest LGBT grassroots coalitions in California, hosted Campaign Boot Camp. Unite the Fight is a member of OUT West.

Stay tuned later today for a guest post by an attendee of Campaign Boot Camp!

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