Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ACTION ALERT! Campaign Fighting Marriage Equality in Maine Releases First TV Ad


These people are like a broken record. Same ol' thing - YOU'RE CHILDREN WILL BE INDOCTRINATED! YOU WILL BE SUED IF YOU DON'T SIGN ONTO THE HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA! And I thought they were looking for a "working waitress type" to star in this, but instead, they get this dud? (Jeremy Hooper at Good As You has a lot on this "legal expert.")

My criticism doesn't mean that I think these scare tactics don't work. I witnessed them work first hand when my right to marry was stripped away here in California.

Amazingly, our side has already created a viral response:

According to Jesse Connolly, campaign manager for NO on 1, "[Yes on 1 has] already bought $700,000 in airtime-- that means every voter in the state will see their ad at least 20 times."

ACTION: The NO on 1/Protect Maine Equality campaign needs all the help they can get. Don't let another Prop 8 happen. Two losses can be devastating to our movement. But a win will be historical - it will be the first time voters approve marriage equality.

In order to win, NO on 1 needs to match Yes on 1 dollar-to-dollar, ad to ad. "Right now, we're just $21,740 short of our goal for next week's TV ad buy, but we need the money in hand by Thursday," Jesse Connolly said. "Can you chip in to help us combat these misleading ads?"


Volunteer (you can help from home, no matter where you live)! Check it out here and here!
Check out Travel for Change for help on getting to Maine!


  1. Just made my second donation to No on 1/Protect Maine Equality. Good luck to them.

  2. I hope Mr. Connolly is doing a minimally matching buy of at least a 2,000 point ad buy, if not more. The emphasis is being on MORE!