Thursday, September 24, 2009

ACTION ALERT! Many Opportunites to Help Maine and Washington State Keep Their Rights!

Washington state is currently facing Referendum 71 and voters could potentially decide to throw out the new domestic partnership law that extended all the rights and benefits of marriage except in name to same-sex couples. Currently polls show support at a precarious 51%.

In Maine, the new marriage equality law is facing a People's Veto threat through the ballot initiative known as Question 1. The same people who worked to pass Prop 8 have now infiltrated Maine and hope to have a repeat success, and polls show that they're in a dead heat.

You can help! No matter where you live! And training is provided. Here are several options:

1. Equality California has set up Maine and Washington phone banks that you can volunteer for in:If you can't make it to these phone banks, you can sign up to call from home, either for Maine or Washington.

2. Phone bank for Washington state and urge resident to Approve Referendum 71 to approve the new domestic partnership law. If you're a local, sign up for a phone bank near you, or you can do it from home!

3. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27TH - NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION FOR MAINE! This is a do it yourself event, with volunteers nationwide getting in on the marriage equality action! Sign up here to be involved!

4. For those who live in Los Angeles, Vote For Equality also has weekly phone banking for Maine, including this Sunday for the National Day of Action. Sign up here!

Get inspired. See the need.


  1. UniteTheFight:

    I am a novice when it comes to phonebanking practices. Could you enlighten me about something?

    When No on 1 relies on phonebankers calling from CA or from around the nation, how do they maintain quality control over the phonebanking? Are these people given any training, supervision, or instruction? Are the results of the phonebanking transmitted back to the campaign?

    It sounds like a great way to help, but I would be worried about some of these outsiders going rogue and making the campaign look bad.

  2. Good question. If you click on the link for the National Day of Action, you'll find there that it states:
    "Prior to the National Day of Action for Maine's Marriage Equality Campaign, we will be holding a series of conference call sessions to help train you on how to call voters in Maine using our virtual phonebanking system. This training is required to participate in the National Day of Action."

    It then asks you to select the times available for training.

    So they definitely provide training.

    Also, if you attend any of the other phone banking sessions listed in this post, they provide training as well and supervision.

    As for the remote phone banking, I would ask the campaigns themselves. Each campaign has unique protocols, so I'm not sure the specific safeguards they're implementing.