Saturday, September 26, 2009

MUST WATCH: A Second NO on 1 Pro-Marriage Equality Ad Released in Maine Today


I have strongly supported NO on 1/Protect Maine Equality. Although I have questioned the message discipline in their ads, I give kudos for their quick responses and fast action. And now, I'm happy to say that they have released another new ad on top of today's rebuttal ad.

In this ad, it's again about "live and let live" and all families are equal - it's underlining their established principle instead of directly countering Yes on 1 attacks. In the rebuttal ads, the message discipline NO on 1 is sticking to is that "outsiders are harming our children" turning the tables on the opposition's obsession with gays and lesbians indoctrinating kids. (Those outsiders being the same people who created and ran the Yes on Prop 8 campaign.)

What should also be highlighted are quotes from outsiders like Frank Schubert, who is consulting Yes on 1 just has he did with Yes on 8 in California, who said to the local Maine paper Sunset Journal in defense of Yes on 1 ads:
Frank Schubert, a consultant hired by the Stand for Marriage Maine campaign, said it is a concern that the people of Maine must rely on local school boards to make curriculum decisions.

"The local school boards will have tremendous influence, obviously, over the curriculum," he said. "That means it is out of the hands of parents, out of the hands of voters on a statewide basis and that is a concern and it's certainly something people need to be aware of."
So now an outsider is criticizing how Maine handles its schools.

What I hope to see next is powerful endorsements from big Maine names such as - Gov. John Baldacci, Maine Children’s Alliance, Maine Psychological Association, National Association of Social Workers Maine Chapter, Community Counseling Center and Kids First Center, the Maine Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP), Catholics for Marriage Equality, Senate President Elizabeth Mitchell, Speaker of the House Hannah Pingree, Rep. Emily Cain, former Attorney General Steven Rowe, former Attorney General James Tierney, Dean Peter Pitegoff (University of Maine School of Law), and Professor David Cluchey (University of Maine School of Law).

These groups and individuals have already spoken out against the lies of the opposition. Now let them do it in some ads. It's time to kick some butt.

UPDATE: Following is a press release issued by the NO on 1 campaign:
NO on 1/Protect Maine Equality today launched two new campaign ads, one hitting back on the Question 1 campaign's distortions, and another featuring Mainers supporting marriage equality and urging voters to reject the ballot measure.

In the first ad entitled “Proud,” the announcer says, “In Maine, we’re proud of every family and every child - regardless of who their parents are. That’s the Maine way.”

Featuring a Sept. 18th Bangor Daily News editorial which labels Question 1 charges “baseless” and “not true,” the announcer adds: “Outsiders are trying to harm our kids – and make them feel ashamed. By making false claims about what’s taught in Maine classrooms.”

In the “All Families” advertisement, Mainers from a variety of backgrounds lend their support of marriage equality.

“What’s wrong with making marriage equal among all Maine people,” asks Newport farmer John Burgess.

“It’s not anybody’s business to interfere with personal decisions,” adds Windham fireman Justin Bragdon.

“This is how most Mainers view marriage equality,” said Jesse Connolly, NO on 1 campaign manager. “They recognize that Question 1 is only about how we chose to treat Maine people and Maine families -- with fairness and equality. In Maine, we don’t tell other people how to live their lives.”

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  1. Two ads. One rebuttal, one proactive. Consistent with one another. Consistent with the overall message of the campaign. Using the images from the first wave of ads, so that the voters will have these families ingrained in their minds when they cast their ballots.

    This is a smart, disciplined approach.

    No on 8 was late getting on the air, slow to respond, got sucked into a debate on Schubert's terms and and was scrounging around for a theme up until the very end. By contrast, No on 1 was on the air for 3 weeks before the Yes folks showed up. Their response ads have been out within 24-48 hours, a response time worthy of a Presidential campaign. They have stayed on message. At the same time, their latest ad seems to shift to focus more on Republicans and independents, who need persuading according to the latest DailyKos poll.

    And let's not even get into the differences b/t the No on 8 field operation (which ignored most of the state and was late getting organized) and the No on 1 operation (which, based on what I have heard, is truly state-wide and has been working since May).

    By every measure, No on 1 is different and vastly superior to No on 8. We may still lose, but if we do it will not be because of a lack of competence or effort.