Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Anti-Marriage Equality Yes on 1 Ad Launches in Maine

Of course we could've predicted, and did, that the Yes on 1 side would respond to the NO on 1 side with more misinformation. And not only that, but recycle Yes on Prop 8 ads, since Frank Schubert, responsible for Prop 8, is now pushing anti-marriage equality Question 1. Check it out for yourself.

Yes on 1

Yes on 8

See extended versions of Yes on 1 and Yes on 8 - still, recycling.

So, are you wondering who the teacher in the Yes on 1 ad is? Think she's an actress (since the opposition so embarrassingly relies on "fakes")? Wrong.

Jeremy Hooper at Good As You has the scoop on Charla Bansley, the teacher. She's the state director of the Concerned Women for America of Maine who has appeared in Yes on 1/Stand for Marriage Maine Rallies. On top of that, she doesn't teach at a public school, which this ad is concerned about. She teaches at Calvary Chapel Christian School, a private institution which uses curriculum based on faith and will not be affected by marriage equality.

WGME in Maine had a report on a media restricted Yes on 1 rally which Ms. Bansley reportedly spoke at.

Though not on the tape, here's an transcript excerpt provided by the WGME reporter of Charla's speech:
...Public display of psychosis and we have dealt with it by redefining decency down so as to explain away and make normal what a more civilized, and ordered, and healthy society would label deviant and the result has been a stunning failure. For one every country that has legalized same sex marriage has seen marriage die and we cannot allow that to happen in the state of Maine. I am standing for marriage tonight because marriage is good for women. And marriage is good for children. And marriage is good society. Traditional marriage, or just marriage as the bishop taught us to say, is good for women physically, and emotionally, and economically, and relationally, a thirteen year study published by the American psychological association found that women, married women, who did not allow the foxes to destroy the vineyard of love had lower levels of blood pressure and blood cholesterol and lower body mass, heck just going up and down those flights of steps with all those laundry ladies that could lower the cholesterols. The study also found that married women had lower levels of depression and anxiety and anger and they found that married women had lower levels of were less likely to developed cardiovascular disease. In terms of financial security Dr. Waite a professor of sociology at the university of Chicago found that women who were in committed traditional marriages were better of generally financially. She said that financial security trickles down to medical care, safer surrounding, better food, and other things that raise the standard of living. Add to all of these the department of health and human services reports that women in healthy traditional marriages are emotionally healthier they are less likely to be victims of assault or domestic violence, they are less likely to attempt suicide, or to abuse drugs and alcohol, and they have a better relationship with their children.


Marriage is good for children. If children deserve anything it is to begin life in a relationship with a biological mom and a biological dad. A loving and compassionate society would never create motherless children or fatherless children, which is exactly what every same sex home does.

Makes me ill. They fear indoctrination of their children, but what do they think they're doing? For years I went to a Christian school that taught me creationism, that humans and dinosaurs lives together before Noah's flood and that the earth was only 10,000 years old. I believed it! They didn't teach me anything else to counter their theory, a theory taught to me as fact. Evolution they said was a lie.

So imagine what they're teaching their kids about LGBT!

Jeremy has also provided an audio recorded back in February of Ms. Bansley talking about Stand for Marriage Maine rally:

Stay tuned for more updates.

Get involved! Go to the NO on 1/Protect Maine Equality website and find out how you can help, no matter where you live!

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