Wednesday, July 15, 2009

W. Virginia Legislature Holds Public Hearing on Possible Marriage Equality Ban

On Tuesday, a public hearing with West Virginia lawmakers was held in which a ban on marriage equality was discussed.

Groups from both sides of the issue appeared. Members of Advocates for Change and Family Policy Center said allowing voters to make this decision lets people take ownership of the Constitution.

Fairness West Virginia was there to counter the argument for a referendum on marriage equality, stating it would create a dangerous and divisive atmosphere and sends a negative message to the gay community.

The State Journal reports that they randomly approached people asking for their opinion on marriage equality.
Locally we asked residents if they wanted the state to ban marriage between same sex couples. Nearly everyone we randomly approached on the street said they didn't have a problem with it.

Some criticized the state for denying men and women equal rights.

Cookie Henderson said, "Why would you take away their right to happiness?"

Ralph Mason said he's against it. He says that marriage is sacred between a man and woman.

James Cavanaugh told that if two people want to say they're in love and married then it is ok with me.

Fran Kinley of Wheeling says she doesn't have a problem with it and she says people should be tolerant of one another.

West Virginia State Senator Jack Yost though tells us that he believes marriage is between a man and a woman. He says though he can't say right now how he would vote if a ban of same sex marriage would come across his desk. He said he would have to see the bill and how it is worded.
The Legislature is taking time during the interim session to take a closer look at the possibility of amending the Constitution with a definition of marriage. If they vote in favor of that, voters across the state would make the final decision.

The state's Constitution has only been amended a handful of times.

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