Thursday, July 16, 2009

Reason Behind Texas LGBT Bar Raid Revealed in Police Report - Mayor's Apology Not for Raid, But Gibson's Injury

The controversy surrounding the police raid of Texas LGBT bar Rainbow Lounge in Ft. Worth has led to the question, "Why did the officials raid the bar in the first place?" Given that is happened on the 40th anniversary of Stonewall, suspicions have remain high.

Ft. Worth Police Department released documents that give its reasons. According to the reports, two days before the raid, police arrested an intoxicated man leaving the Rainbow Lounge after having been warned to get a ride.

Later that weekend, they returned for an inspection along with Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission officers. A police radio recording reveals that an officer called for back up.

"I need help in here," he could be heard saying. "I'm by the restroom." (See News 8 video report that contains video and radio recordings.)

That call came when officers said a customer blew a kiss at the officer, and then struggled with police as they tried to arrest him. The report also claims a woman made a sexual move at the officers with her hips and also states that Chad Gibson, the bar patron who received a head injury while being arrested, tapped an officer's genitals.

"[It] didn't happen," Gibson said. "It's a big lie."

News 8 reports:
In records, a Fort Worth officer admitted involvement in the physical struggle with Gibson inside the bar, which ended with Gibson on the ground as they arrested him. At some point, Gibson suffered a brain injury.

"We've got a guy, alcohol intoxication," an officer could be heard saying in a recording. "Also, a bruised head."

The big question is whether the injury happened inside with Fort Worth officers or outside with TABC agents. TABC agents said Gibson fell on concrete. Pictures show Gibson covered in vomit outside and his head bleeding. The sudden nausea, his family said, is evidence the injury happened inside the bar.
Officers being investigated have been relegated to desk duty.

Earlier this week, the Ft. Worth mayor was reported to have apologized for the raid, however that report is being corrected to state he did not apologize for the raid itself but for Gibson's injury.

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