Saturday, July 18, 2009

POC Group API Equality LA Will Support 2010 Prop 8 Repeal if Majority of CA LGBT Require It

Nakhone Keodara, Editor-in-Chief of the SoCal Voice spoke to my friend, the amazing Kat Khommarath of API Equality LA, one of the three groups who issued the Prepare to Prevail statement which warned against rushing back to the ballot in 2010 to repeal Prop 8.

Below was their conversation.
Nakhone Keodara: Kat, this is on record. Thanks for taking my call. Listen, I’m calling because there have been some in the community that are saying that the POCs are holding them hostage in not wanting to go back to the ballot in 2010. What do you say to that?

Kat Khommarath: We’re not holding anybody hostage Nakhone. We’re in it to win it too. It’s never been about whether or not we would go but a matter of when. Equality California has always said that 2010 is too soon. (Editor’s Note: Kat let this one slip. It seems the culprit behind this debacle is none other than EQCA.)

Nakhone Keodara: Well, their main beef is with the POCs going to the LA Times before discussing this issue with the grassroots such as OUT West coalition. Like at the July 25th Leadership Summit. And, they do have a point there. Why didn’t you guys do that?

Kat Khommarath: Yes, we could have done things differently. And, we did go to these other organizations to ask for their input.

Nakhone Keodara: Who? Honor Pac, Jordan Rustin Coalition and ACLU?

Kat Khommarath: Yes.

Nakhone Keodara: So, are you saying that the POCs will not come on board if the majority of the grassroots decide to launch a 2010 Campaign?

Kat Khommarath: No. That’s not what we’re saying. Of course we’ll come on board and help with the 2010 Campaign if that is what the majority decides. It’s never been a matter of if but a matter of when for us. We just wanted to make sure that we’re at our best before we proceed with the Campaign to win back marriage in California.

Nakhone Keodara: Thanks, Kat!

Kat Khommarath: You can use anything you want!
I'm posting this because it's important to point out that the Prepare to Prevail statement did not state that they were directly opposed to 2010, only that the issues they brought up must be addressed before returning to the ballot. Their concern indicated 2010 may not offer enough time. (Though some concede the subtitle to the statement, "Why We Must Wait in Order to Win" did indicate otherwise.)

Even more to the point, and which this conversation points out, if the majority of the LGBT population of California support going back to the ballot in 2010, API Equality LA will hop on board and go full steam ahead.

Some of the other groups that are listed in support of the Prepare to Prevail statement that I spoke to couldn't confirm they would hop on board for 2010. Most likely they will if the community demands it, but they still have to confer with their membership before making such a commitment.

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