Monday, July 13, 2009

VIDEO: Obama Wants to See Don't Ask Don't Tell "Changed"

In the interview with Anderson Cooper, Obama said:
"Look, I've had conversations with Bob Gates as well as Admiral Mullen about the fact that I want to see this law change. I also want to make sure that we are not simply ignoring a congressional law. If Congress passes a law that is constitutionally valid, then it's not appropriate for the Executive Branch simply to say we will not enforce a law. It is our duty to enforce laws. I do think that there is the possibility that we change how the law is being enforced even as we are pursuing a shift in congressional policy.

"But look, the bottom line is, I want to see this changed, and we've already contacted congressional allies. I want to make sure that it's changed in a way that ultimately works well for our military and for the outstanding gay and lesbian soldiers that are both currently enlisted or would like to enlist...I'd like to see it done sooner rather than later. And we've begun a process to not only work it through Congress, but also to make sure that the Pentagon has thought through all the ramifications of how this would be most effective."
Notice he doesn't use the word "repeal" or "overturn" once. We began to see this shift in language ever since the White House took down some of the promises to the LGBT on their website, then after the uproar, put their DADT promise back up, but as "change" the policy, and then after lots of criticism, back to "repeal" the policy.

Obama and his advisers had begun using this new language for some time until recently at the White House Stonewall commemoration where he used the strong word of "repeal" again. Now it's back to "change" with no reference to a repeal.

Words DO matter. "Repeal" and "change" have completely different meanings. Obama is really good with words, but also really good at making nothing sound like something.

What do you mean, Obama? Repeal or change? And if the latter, what possible change to this policy can you make without still making gay and lesbian servicemembers unequal? The only solution - a full repeal.


  1. He wants to do it in a way that is "effective" for the military. How about how every other private institution is required to obey nondescriminatoin laws: just deal with it and don't discriminate. Is that so hard? These people are fighting FOR our national security, they in no way are attempting to pose a "threat."

  2. No queers should be allowed in military.They do not have the capacity to serve this country.They are a disgrace to such an honorable military.They go against God and nature.they are sissys that would rather have sex with boys then members of the opposite sex as God intended.