Thursday, June 18, 2009

VIDEO: Pat Robertson States USA Headed to "Garbage Heap of History" Cause of LGBT Rights

Gee, Pat, can you list those nations that have gone into ruin because of homosexuality for me? I'll give you one - Sodom & Gmorrah. (Well, if you can prove it ever existed and that it burned because of the gays - some say it was because they were simply too rude to the visiting angels, but take your pick.) What else you got?

I'll be waiting.

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  1. I am a christian and this guy does not represent my view and my family and friends views. I just think he does not think before he speaks. I think his time is up in the media and should be ignored. Most people want everyone to be treated fairly and follow the law. The people on the other side(gay) of this issue say we hate them and that is just not true. But we have very traditional values and are afraid some people want to take those away. I know there is middle ground here and we must reach that place so everyone can get what they want. I know we can succeed with that. We need to stop with the hate talk which keeps us divided in more ways than one. Most Americans want to get along, so can we look at this as Americans first? I hope so. Again most christians do not listen to this man, he's wrong.