Monday, June 15, 2009

Attorney Andrew Pugno, Who Drafted Prop 8, Is Running For California Assembly

Andrew Pugno, the attorney who drafted Proposition 8 and was one of the campaign leaders that won its passage, has just filed with the California secretary of state to run in 2010 for a Sacramento-area seat in the state assembly.

Republican Assemblyman Roger Niello's seat is available after having been termed out of office. Republican Craig De Luz and Democrats Jared Gaynor and Lawrence Miles Jr. have also filed preliminary papers seeking the seat.

Pugno, who is 36-year-old Republican wants said Friday he is running on a platform of revitalizing businesses that he says are overtaxed.

Overtaxed, huh? Similar to same-sex couples?

If he runs in 2010, do you think this will help or hurt an initiative campaign to repeal Prop 8 if it happens that same year? It could distract the right-wing to support Pugno, but it could also give Pugno a bigger platform to speak out against any repeal.

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