Friday, June 19, 2009

Marriage Equality Action Needed in New York State - Senators Need to Hear From YOU!

Andy Towle of Towleroad reports that unless the power dispute in New York State's Senate isn't resolved soon, the power-brokering could last a third week, thus threatening whatever chances a vote on the marriage bill might have.

"That said, I've been hearing from some key sources up in Albany that the work for a vote on marriage equality is still very much underway," says Andy. Yet several Democrats need pushing. Hearing from the constituency how important this marriage equality bill is could help in getting a vote to the floor.

ACTION: If you live in their districts, CALL NOW!

SD 23 - Sen. Diane Savino (Staten Island, Brooklyn – Southwest): 518-455-2437
SD 25 - Sen. Daniel Squadron (Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn – Northwest): 518-455-2625
SD 26 - Sen. Liz Krueger (Manhattan – Midtown East, Upper East): 518-455-2297
SD 31 - Sen. Eric Schneiderman (Manhattan – Northwest): 518-455-2041
SD 34 - Sen. Jeff Klein (Northern Bronx, Lower Westchester): 518-455-3595

And if you live anywhere else in New York, keep calling your senators and urge them to get a vote through on this bill!

Another good source of information about New York State's unfolding drama and the marriage equality bill is NG Blog.

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